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Renault Zoe 2020 UK review


Modest power and range gains make for a more well-rounded EV that is no longer out of its depth when distance driving

Europe can’t seem to get enough of Renault’s compact electric supermini. On the continent, more Zoes were sold in January than any other EV, largely thanks to an interior and exterior overhaul that also saw the introduction of a new, more potent powertrain and higher capacity battery.That car has now touched down in the UK, with a 52kWh battery good enough for a WLTP-certified 238 miles of range. That’s a 30% increase over the old car, which Renault expects to have a big impact on customers weighing up whether to make their next car an electric one.It also bodes well against the upcoming tidal wave of affordable EVs including the Honda E, Mini Electric, Peugeot e-208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e, of which only the PSA models can claim to go further on a single charge, even if real-world driving will see that figure nudge under 200 miles in the summer months, and closer to 160 in the winter.Renault is also sweetening the deal with a 7kW wallbox included with the price of the car, for anyone making the switch to electric for the first time, although 50kW DC rapid charging is an optional extra.

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