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Autocar lunchbox: Colin McRae remembered, Rodin’s rib-breaker and more


We round up our hottest stories, pictures and videos for you to devour in your lunch break

It’s everyone’s favourite part of the working day, lunchtime, and you’re no doubt craving a hefty dose of car-related content. 

So we’ve revived our Autocar Lunchbox feature to bring you our favourite videos, stories, photos, quotes and more all in one place. 

Here are today’s picks:


Four is more for Volkswagen

So, Volkswagen’s first performance EV will be based on a 4.6m-long SUV. It’s not what you expect to hear from a company so well versed in producing searing hot hatchbacks and Nürburgring-destroying electric racers, but there’s method behind the madness. A GTX-badged hot version of the ID 4, says technology chief Matthias Rabe, will be able to take advantage of a twin-motor, four-wheel-drive drivetrain that puts out more power than the flagship ID 3 hatchback. 

Four-wheel-drive ‘key’ to hot Volkswagen ID 4 GTX EV


Two-seater toss-up

We know the Alpine A110 is one of the most capable, fun and charming sports cars on the market, but can it really be a Porsche rival? We pit the stiffened-up S variant against the similarly configured Porsche 718 Cayman T to see which performs best around our test track. If you’re after a mid-engined sports coupé for around £55,000, you need to watch this. 


Unlimited wings

We quite like the Honda Civic Type R here at Autocar. Its front-wheel-drive 300bhp powertrain makes for an indisputably engaging driving experience, and behind that extrovert bodykit lies a hot hatch that’s as comfortable on a run to the shops as it is capable on the race track. Now, the hardcore Limited Edition variant has arrived and we think this side-on shot gives a good idea of what the Type R formula really is: five doors, huge wing, bright yellow paint, 20in BBS alloys and a purposeful stance that makes the car look fast, even when it’s static. Here’s hoping one of the 20 lucky owners gives us a go. 

Hardcore Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition sells out in four weeks


“One reason your belts are done up so tight that breathing becomes difficult is that you would be black and blue for days were they not. You could probably snap a rib or two for good measure as you’re slammed forward.”

No, Andrew Frankel hasn’t been skiving off at Thorpe Park. He’s describing what it’s like to be behind the wheel of Rodin’s ear-splitting FZED single-seat track car, which pairs a Formula 1-style profile with a 675bhp Cosworth V8 for a driving experience that’s as memorable as it is challenging. 

The closest thing to F1? Driving Rodin’s 675bhp FZED​


Alpina has become synonymous with the world of fast BMWs in recent years. The Buchloe-based tuner takes what are already very competent and luxurious executive saloons, packs them full of autobahn-devouring horses and fits a subtle yet striking bodykit. It’s a winning formula, and one that we first experienced back in 1971 with a spin in the firm’s first effort: a modified 2002 saloon with 150bhp and vastly improved performance figures.

Throwback Thursday 1971: Autocar’s first Alpina experience


Remembering a rally legend

It’s over 13 years now since we lost one of the leading lights of British motorsport: Colin McRae. Paul Lawrence casts his mind back over the Scot’s awe-inspiring achievements at Subaru in 1995, and commentates on the recent Chester Rally Revival, during which some of McRae’s most famous cars hit the stage once again. 

Opinion: Remembering the youthful fire of Colin McRae​

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